You are human 🙃


Don’t be so hard on yourself.

It’s 🆗 not to be ok 👌

We doing our best, un/fortunately we are not perfect 🙃




Gratitude 🙏

Practice kindness 🙃

Let go of what I can’t control 👋

Listen to your heart 💖

Be productive 👌

Still breathing 🙂


What’s your experience 🤔 please share your in a comment or message me 🙃

Have a nice day Susanna

Weight management


Do you ever had a wish 💭

Bigger os better life 🤔

I want a better lifestyle 👌

Could you wishing drop a dress size, your wish to be a little lighter 🗯

wish you could breathe a little easier in your clothing ⁉️

Stop wishing 🛑 start eat a little bit healthier and doing more exercises 🙃

#susannahuse 🚀