Why? When? What? How??

Why?  Why are you doing that ???  I don’t know, I am just on autopilot. If your answer similar – please try look after why are you doing 😉
When? When are you take your next step??? This is a hardest question to me, because when I thought I am ready – sometimes goes different direction, when is everything ready everything goes on right direction – I couldn’t control perfectly timing 😦
What? What are you doing??? This is none of your business 🙂 because not sure I know what I am doing or I have a personal reason and I am protect myself. I am talking about my reason who is support me = that meaning does who is don’t care about I achieve my target or not, just support me without any negative thoughts or comment.

??how?? Please don’t ask me, because when I decide what I am want and I take action – then I am on autopilot system, I forgot everything, why?? when?? what?? and a bonus HOW? Fortunately just happening.

Why are you eat?
Are you hungry or just bored, or you just miss something? Did you know when, what and how much you eat?

When are you eat?
Morning, midday, afternoon, evening, night time? When are you eat the food you just pay attention to family, friends, or when you watch at TV or reading a newspaper, or focus on your meal?

What are you eating?
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack … Are you eat same time each day or when it comes to your mind would eat something, or when already ill or weak from hunger
Are you eat meat, potato, rice, fruit, vegetables, sandwich, chocolate … ?

Are you drink enough water or something else a day?
Do you drink enough water? How do you keep track of how much you’re drinking? Once you determine how much water you want to drink each day, try putting that amount in a large pitcher on your kitchen counter or keep it at desk so you can sip on it as the day goes by. If you want to, you could even add a few berries or a slice of lime to put some slice in your drink.

How are you eating?
You have the time to eat or just get something quickly? Or you give a time for own self focus on what are you eat?

Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy Eating Habits

• Don’t skip breakfast!
• Eat 4-5 small portions including shakes and snacks throughout the day.
• Drink 6-8 glasses of water each day to keep your body hydrated.
• Include 6-8 servings of fresh vegetables and fruits each day.
• Reduce the amounts of bread, pasta, rice, potatoes you eat.
• Avoid foods with sugar, white flour, extra salt and saturated fat – mostly prepacked, processed meals.
• Pick fibre-rich wholegrain foods instead and eat oily fish sometimes – salmon, mackerel, sardines etc.
• Choose high quality meat and poultry.
• Eat earlier than late in the evening and don’t rush it.