Poisonous foxgloves is medicine


Stop complaining

You are can change your life, don’t blame yourself and stop complaining. Can be realistic, you had a strong and weak side, you need to know what are you doing and why. Money is essential for your life, paying your living expenses. Think about when you plan your holiday, need an accommodation, transport, food and spending money. You need a roof over your head, you have to eat food, need some clothes, paying your transport, look after your health, paying tax – TV license and enjoying your free time with your family/friends; unfortunately most people forget to treat themselves. My opinion everyone can find the balance between personal and professional life, if need to choose something just not right, that’s about your relationship with your work/family, your work and your family is your choice with all your own responsibilities – I’m not talking about your parents/siblings (but you can change that relationship too, yes I know that’s longer) What’s your relationship with the/your money, stop complaining because… you can change your focus

Feel the Difference 🙂

12 days until Christmas

We can over doit this time a year, if you take a time and you start organize your Christmas, you have a time for everything. You can know what to do about Christmas, where are you, with whom. Time to buying presents, this is take a time if you going to shopping by foot and this is take a time if you buying online, because this is a busiest time for delivery. Food shopping is a hardest thing, because we are want everything this time, and celebrating time we can eating-drinking more often than usually different kind of food. If you know when you eat and what you eat usual and still controling your portion, you can stay on the right direction. Just doing your best and Feel the Difference 🙂

Always learning

Lots of people after finished their study, never learn again. Always learning is easiest then you think if you know why are you learning, what is it your dream. Just need find your pleace = when and where are you learn, how = put in your daily routine, result = what you want achieve, and personalised = listen, reading or both. Today information anywhere this is may be help, maybe not. If you like reading you can read printed or “e” books, if you prefer listening you can listening audiobooks. Taking action about your dream and you can find your way and time for that. Feel the Difference 🙂

What is it next … ?

? ? ?

Never mind what is it?, question is Why? Sometimes we can stuck in the present stituation because we are have a lots of reason / excuses or we are just couldn’t realize what is it happening. This is can be “normal”. When you are had enough and you want to change and you are decide you doing something on different way everything helping you.

Then ask yourself: – What do you not want? – Why? – What do you want? – Why?

After you doing your “homework” you can know what is it next?, when? and how? you can reach you any dream, if you are alwauys remember for you why.

what is it your Why?


Everyone action has a reason / purpose if you can answer for Why you are on the right direction, if you can’t, then you need find out ?why not? Sometimes just need a different view, change your focus from your situation and more time. I think everyone can help oneself if had a reason, focus on her/him goal and believing oneself then can achieving. Yes this is take a time and need taking action and sometimes need help. When you are know your why then your goal is yours and you can have it with all benefits. Circumstances is just temporarily changeable, that’s can be done if you want something different. Everyone can be healthy, happy and enjoying their life with lots of benefits or more than can imagine.

Choice = Responsibility

baby hedgehogafter my Hedgehog in the garden post follow Sunday we are find 9am morning a baby hedgehog outside our garden, my partner picked up and set it down beside the bush, later we find her under the bush, evening gave a food and water for her and she could eating – drinking alone, that’s was a best news. 2 day later she disappeared – we couldn’t see any hedgehogs in our garden, but their food gone for morning. I was upset and I said if the baby hedgehog not turning up I’m not taking out any food for them, couple hours later we seen our baby hedgehog half way between the bush and our back door, and she walked “funny” = limping 😦 after she had a drink and food she disappeared. On the internet we find out hedgehog not coming out day light except something wrong with them, leg injury very popular and easy treating just need taking the nearest Wildlife Hospital. This is big challenge because hedgehog is just coming out evening after 8pm or later and Wildlife Hospital closed 5.30pm, if we can catch the baby hedgehog where is we keeping her all night and how/when take in the Wildlife Hospital. We couldn’t catch her because she more quicker than we are and in the dark…? now hedgehogs comin for food and drink in the garden and sometime we can see them, some times not and we put out food/drink 2 different place in the garden. Last night we seen the baby hedgehog and when she finished with her food, she went to eat for the another place and walked nicely – we couldn’t seen any limping but the time was nearly 10pm. Our choice – volunteer feeding the hedgehogs and now this is our responsibility feeding the hedgehogs in our garden, doesn’t matter we can see them or not, this our choice and our responsibility, Feel the Difference 🙂

Are you… looking after yourself?

I am

I am

 Managing a busy lifestyle, healthily this is daily challenges and sometimes we couldn’t realize we having stress. Stress is the feeling of being under too much mental or emotional pressure. We have different ways of reacting to stress. Pressure from work, relationships and financial situation. When you feel stressed can affect everything in your life. Can affect how you feel, think, behave and how your body works. Stress is not an illness, but can cause serious illness, it’s important to recognise the symptoms of stress early. You can find lots of techniques for stress relief: Silva Method, EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping), meditation, hypnozis and … You can learn online from your home, you can learn on seminar / workshop what is it good for you. Sometimes just more easy learning from home on your time, sometimes you can going to workshop. Workshop and/or teleclasses more intensive and usually give a lots of homework for me, and a bonus I can speak to another “students” (on the workshop) and a lots of supporting positive energy feeling. You can use private session via Skype from anywhere from the world – this is just time challenges. This is your choice – how look after yourself, just do it something when is not urgent, because then you have “enough time” find your way much easier. Never too late asking for help, opportunity always comin just need realizing and using that, day by day – this is a never ending story. Just doing something about your well-being and Feel the Difference 🙂

Health is everything

My personal opinion health is everything and my responsibility look after my health, if I’m in healthy weight I have more energy, perfect health, my feeling great and everyone round me feel it. What is it health meaning for you? You can take efforts look after your health, your health is your responsibility and connected to your weight. You can use this BMI Healthy weight calculator here. Sometimes we can stuck in the situation, don’t worry you can find and use any help what is it working for you. You can use The book of Afformations, this book can helping you if you reading that book and using in your life. Why not,  if you are reading my blog you know my favourite question is why??? I always want to know the reason and the why word helping finding the reason for me.

You can use Weight-Management products. One thing doesn’t working, if you don’t use it, don’t keep it on the shelf or in the cupboard, please help yourself if need, because your healthy life your responsibility, you can do that. When your weight healthy, you have more energy, more confidence and your feeling difference.