Your focus

Sometimes just need a change – sound is easy? Yes, that takes a time. What you focus on that’s growing – you can attract anything is your life, yes this is not just about your time, that takes effort. Just give a try, tomorrow is the 1st day of the next month and doing something different the first time, or repeat again. Feel the Difference 🙂


Money Magnet Meditation

For 21 consecutive nights, do this meditation just before going to sleep. Do both parts each night and if you miss a night, it’s advisable to start over on Day 1.

Part One:

See ten faces, one after another. These can be people that you know or people that you do not know but see that each face is smiling. If a face does not smile, send it energy from yourself to make it smile. See it smile and bid it do so until you meet again. See ten faces each night. When you run out of faces that you know, let your imagination show you new faces. (This part of the meditation brings more people into your life — people who like you or who want to get to know you or who want your services, etc.)

Part Two:

In your mind’s eye, see yourself walking in a pleasant, natural, outdoor setting. Now, notice that your entire body is surrounded by a fine golden dust. This golden dust is magnetized to attract money. Watch as the wind blows money which is attracted to you and sticks to you because of the golden dust. See yourself accepting this money knowing that it is yours; it belongs to no one else and that you need not do anything to deserve it since you are already fully deserving. (This section brings abundance in many forms into your life sometimes through unexpected avenues.)

If done consistently over the entire 21-day period, the meditation has proven to be very effective whether or not you believe in it. There is no point in doing it longer than twenty-one days. Actually, it is important to ’hang up the phone’ so to speak. Let your intuition tell you how frequently to do the 21-day series. There is no way to do it ’wrong’ and never a penalty of any kind. Stay alert for synchronicity — being in the right place at the right time; meeting or hearing from someone you’ve been out of touch with; finding a penny in the street; receiving money or having other forms of abundance come your ways such as service or even a smile. Keeping a record of these ’coincidences’ validates the process and heightens the effectiveness.

Above all…have fun with it! The more abundance we create as individuals, the more we have to share.

there are no limits, only infinite possiblities

Having a goal is the easy bit, achieving it takes effort and we don’t know how long is take, if you want something difference you need a strategy. If something not right may be affect your focus on your goal, health, work, relationship, money.

– Why you want to change and this is your goal or someone else’s goal?

– Commiting yourself to reach your goal. Why do you want to achieve that? And think about, how will change your life? You have to decide to do it and stick on it. Always remember for your WHY?

– Don’t make excuses, always see your target. I know changing our behaviour not easy. You can use help, write down your goal, put on the fridge, calendar,… and than your feeling difference about yourself.

– Be specific, why you want change your lifestyles? You want feeling better or have to change, sometimes we are just have 1 choice = have to do it, because… Than need support yourself and focus on your future.

– One thing at the time, this is keep you on the right direction. Lots of small success make a biggest achievement.

– Visualize you can do that. Imagine yourself – achieved your goal. This is make you happier and more positive about your journey.

– Celebrating your success, you are working hard, when you achieve the next step reaching your goal, reward yourself, because you are doing well. Find new reward for yourself.

If you know what you want, why you want to that, then you can achieve that easy and perfect way how good for you.

we can begin anytime we want…

a New Year is symbolic of new beginnings. We can change anything, anytime not just New Year Day. You are can do anything if you wish. Writing down is your target/s – by your hand on the paper! more helpful than we think, and keeping on your eyes. Than need decide why you want to that = this is about your feeling/s and emotional/s. That keeping on your that way for your target/s, and exactly how big is that and what are you need change in your lifestyles. If you know what do you want and why are you want to that you done it your biggest step in your life. How and when – this is an another thing, that’s meaning everything happening on the right time. Sorry, this is doesn’t under your controll, because that’s time factor difference, than your timing if you want to good life. My personal experience is, when I decided what I want and why, after I taking action for my target lots of thing coming true, if something wasn’t successful when I check again don’t need for me anymore or still on the way for me or I had it much better for me.

Looking after yourself = eating well and healthiest, exercising regularly. Find your balance, take time for yourself. Stop worrying, your emotion changeable. Money can be a major problem, check your reality and find your way what are you doing next, if anybody has a financial problem, everything can be more difficult and harder, you can find help and learn new thing how can manage your money. You can make more money if you wish and taking action that’s direction. Be thankful/grateful and focus on the important thing in your life – family, friends, your job, etc. Take the next step to the rest of your life; feel good about yourself inside and out!

I wish you

a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Less than a week until Christmas, I hope everything is fine in your plan, just doing easy. Before or after last minute you can doing anything for your “perfect” Christmas. Christmas celebrating about we spend time together with our family and/or friends. Try focus on what you want and check what are you done it and what is it your next step. We can’t stop the time, and we have to accept that. “perfect” Christmas meaning for me, everyone relaxed and happy spend time together without any stress. That’s time a year can be more emotional, my suggestions: please don’t try to be perfect, and try switch of your online gadget and yourself put offline. Christmas time round more food and drink everywhere than usual and this is OK, just don’t feel guilty, try enjoying your life / yourself / time/ food / drink.

Christmas Suggestions

Christmas in next week and don’t expect miracles, miracles happen with magic. Love is the magic of Christmas, if you are blessed with children, share with them that special magic, and it will spread to others as well.

Christmas card background.

Christmas is about feeling, decoration, spend time together and enjoying our life. You can planning your budget (avoids spending money you just don’t have) for food, present, your time – give a little bit of time for yourself in your plan, and socialising – someone can change round Christmas, someone couldn’t. Christmas celebrating different for than another celebration/s. Please use your controll on food, drink – alcohol, that’s meaning try eating regularly smaller portion than usual because round Christmas we can eating-drinking more and after our feeling can be worst you couldn’t imagine and don’t forget drink water regularly. Christmas celebration can be more emotional.

Words + Action = ?

Your words meaning equal with your action? Just start looking your friends, colleagues and/or family member/s which words using and what are doing them = usual them words and action two opposite way. My favourite “mixed up” when is my friend tell me she haven’t any money, and she haven’t any idea how paying her bill, after she invite me going out together and buy petrol for the car, and … more and more different thing in her action what isn’t in her words. This is not just her “lifestyle”, after I started looking  myself and anyone else around me and this is “normal”. Now if (by accident) I haven’t idea how can I pay my bills, definitely I couldn’t going out with my friend/s and spend my money for anything else. I know need lots of effort control our self, this is not just about focus, this is about consistency and discipline. Consistency is behaviour, quality of achieving. Discipline is systematic instruction intended to train a person, discipline rules or a code of behaviour. Discipline is a course of actions leading to a greater goal than the satisfaction of the immediate. A disciplined person is one that has established a goal and is willing to achieve that goal at the expense of his/her immediate comfort. You can change your focus when you want to. Consistency is your choice, just you have to listen/looking yourself what do you say and which action follow them. Discipline is your choice, I know discipline in today life very old-fashioned, but = yes! BUT this is working, need training yourself and use your power. You can do anything if you want to. Doesn’t matter if I haven’t enough money paying my bill (yet) yes I use more often the “yet” word – this changeable my sentence meaning, and I taking action solving that problem, and possible another time I going out with my friend/s. This is a never ending story with lots of effort – and a good / bad news your life is your responsibility. My wish to you Feel the Difference 🙂