It is a fabulous

Ginger need to peel it, sliced. Lemon organic? Unwaxed?, sliced, layered with ginger in the jar, filled up with your favourite honey, I prefer local honey. Then need your patience, after 2 weeks you can use on pancakes, I like to drink it, put in my tea and after I eaten except lemon skin. Always keep in fridge – perfect homemade gift.

‘It is a fabulous immune booster and inflammation reducer!!’ – Csilla Bischoff


Try something new


This April we went to Bournemouth and I tried the Zip wire, that wasn’t planned and I just like to try it – that was and easy part. Hardest part when is dressed up and I walked up for the start, I asked how I go off from the platform – I had it 2 choices: – I jump off or I walking off and I need hold the wire. I walked from and I couldn’t imagine how I can hold the wire, very soon everything went to be perfect and on half way I had a time waving for my partner. Every minutes worth it that experience. I still Feel the Difference 🙂

Release …

your feeling aboutyour fear of change … your fear of success … your fear of failure …your feeling about your life. When you release anything stopping you, new opportunities comin to your life instantly. Yes, this is can be scarry and you don’t know how you can dealing with in new situation, this is rewarding and everything follow your decisions. After you can enjoying your better life. Releasing any fear can be difficult, because your fear is secure and new opportunity is uncertain, yes this is risk and choice is yours. If you can’t choose between your mind and your heart just listen for your heart this is a best solution / decision everytime and everything / anything is follow you.

face your reality

Accepting the reality is can be hard and take a time, because our life circumstances sometimes doesn’t help. When you start managing your weight you know why doing that (I hoping you are know what you do) Step on the scale… I’m not sure everyone’s option, but you need to know where you start, another option is measuring yourself byself or with someone else’s help. Don’t worry you can be suprise – lots of people body smaller then you think about ownself, because our lifestyle doesn’t support, just buy comfy clothes and some shop have a different size. Measuring youself is an easiest part, hardest part is writting down with date and later 2-3-4 weeks later measuring yourself again. If you use the products on the correct way, and start exercising regularly you can reach your target, Feel the Difference

good better

don’t excuse!

Manage your weight in healthy way can be part of your lifestyles a healthy diet with regular physical activity. Why do you want manage your weight? When do you want to start? Which action do you taken reaching your Healthy Shape? Anyway when you are ready for change you can do it, just don’t excuse! If your feeling is “perfect” for you and you are healthy everything fine, if something not good you are know time to change. Our programmes for weight loss or weight gain combine the Herbalife core products with targeted weight management products to provide a personalised solution for your weight goals. It’s nutritious, easy to understand and best of all — it works! Keep your energy levels topped up, reap the rewards of beneficial nutrients and botanicals, and manage your hunger with these specially formulated enhancers for weight control. The modern diet generally contains too many things that are bad for us, and not enough that are good. Herbalife’s core products provide a nutritional base to put you back on the path to optimum nutrition. Feel the Difference 🙂

 have you had your shake today

Where … are you from?

I’m living in England, my home town is Budapest the capital of Hungary. Today connecting with anyone much easier and harder. Relationship mean is changed, today much easy connecting with everyone via text messages, social websites, email, phone call if you are technical, if you are not technical or old-fashioned you can connecting via post, phone call and face to face. Sad thing is if your friends how is know your email-address and your home address, phone number contacting with you different way, than how you would like it – this is happened with me, my feeling very disappointed and I just couldn’t coop with that situations. I like reading and this is much lighter now because on the smart phone we can have everything anywhere what we have on computer, because books, magazines and files we can easily access via lots of different program and don’t have to connecting via internet. You can find new friends from different country/ies from round the World, you can buy any products form that too. You know I use nutritional product since 2009 and you can buy in more than 70 countries from the world. Take a look through our site where we will introduce products that could give you a sense of well being – energize all aspects of your life. Please tell me how find me and where are you live in the comments below, Feel the Difference 🙂


Healty Habits

Healthy habits can be in your daily routine, if not yet you can help yourself. You can change your any habits if you want to and when you are readyd- this is a good news, bad news is you need to know which habits your want to change and this is take a time, because we are usual just couldn’t realize which habits doesn’t support anymore. 1st you need to know what you want and why do you want to do that? 2nd you need take an action/s reaching that. Sometimes need change your daily routine, your lifestyles, need think about your box = comfortzone. Need support for you, because that’s make more quicker and easier on your way, sometimes family members and/or friends doesn’t understand your why and worried about the change. Healthy habits doesn’t mean you couldn’t eat-drink what you like, you can enjoying your life and you use portion control food diary very helpful. If you want some new idea, please clikk here. Just keep doing and finally you can reach your target and than everyone round you happy with that 🙂

Flexibility / Priority

Everyone has priority, this personalised by emotional, health issue, financial, professional … and we can stuck on it, this is our motivation. This is can be changeable by something or/and someone else because our situation change and the consequences changed. That’s doesn’t mean we giving up, just changed the priorities and we still working on it just with different style, speed. Your dream is yours until you taking action, then change everything and everyone round you. Sometimes situation changed by shocked and after go back to normal take a time when are you ready. Just still dreaming, I know this is not easy when is you are feel this is unfair, just still dreaming because that’s can be help you moving forward. Please don’t be angry at yourself, don’t blame yourself and don’t ask why happened with you, no good / perfect answer for that. Forgive yourself and be kind with you, speak nicely/kindly with yourself, doesn’t matter who is fault is that. Just still dreaming and be flexibile, you can change your priorities anytime. If your dream really yours, your dream comin thru, just take a time, sometimes more than you can imagine that. My dream came true 20 years later with more bonus than I dreamed.


about … You!

Thanks for your visit on my blog. I have a different view because I could see every situation both side = good and/or bad / better, and a bonus is I never know which side I talking about. I always have idea for everything, sometimes very strange / weird and when you trying can be working, anything is possible. Your lifestyle affect your health, weight and relationship with yourself and round you in your personal and professional life. Some circumstances changeable with your focus and working on it, this is a good news. Your every action / choice had a consequence is and can be affect someone else is too, that’s can be hard accepting because this is your responsbility too. Take it easy, when you have going after your dream that’s can be irritating lots of people round you, from your family, friends and workplace, just keep doing what do you want and you can reach your target. Feel the Difference 🙂