Happy 2018




Physical health is fitness and wellness do mean that’s not necessarily just help keep you fit and give lots of energy. Do you have any exercise routine, physically, mentally?

What’s your sleeping pattern? Sleep is an essential to maintaining health, are you sleeping enough hours every time? How do you feel after you slept? Energetic, tired or ???

Feel the Difference 🙂

Stop complaining

You are can change your life, don’t blame yourself and stop complaining. Can be realistic, you had a strong and weak side, you need to know what are you doing and why. Money is essential for your life, paying your living expenses. Think about when you plan your holiday, need an accommodation, transport, food and spending money. You need a roof over your head, you have to eat food, need some clothes, paying your transport, look after your health, paying tax – TV license and enjoying your free time with your family/friends; unfortunately most people forget to treat themselves. My opinion everyone can find the balance between personal and professional life, if need to choose something just not right, that’s about your relationship with your work/family, your work and your family is your choice with all your own responsibilities – I’m not talking about your parents/siblings (but you can change that relationship too, yes I know that’s longer) What’s your relationship with the/your money, stop complaining because… you can change your focus

Feel the Difference 🙂

what is it your Why?


Everyone action has a reason / purpose if you can answer for Why you are on the right direction, if you can’t, then you need find out ?why not? Sometimes just need a different view, change your focus from your situation and more time. I think everyone can help oneself if had a reason, focus on her/him goal and believing oneself then can achieving. Yes this is take a time and need taking action and sometimes need help. When you are know your why then your goal is yours and you can have it with all benefits. Circumstances is just temporarily changeable, that’s can be done if you want something different. Everyone can be healthy, happy and enjoying their life with lots of benefits or more than can imagine.

day out :)

mean is you are going out from your home and same day you are going back to your home and you can enjoying your life this is simple. You can enjoying your day out with your family, friends and byself. You can spend your time near where are you living or little bit far, this is your choice. Just some ideas from my experience: my seaside town, when is Olympic torch came to my town with the rainy day, Stonehenge, Kew Gardens, Arundel, Isle of Wight, Corfe Castle, Hawk Conservancy, pictures from London, International Bognor Birdman this is charity event, this is my home town Budapest the capital is Hungary.

about … You!

Thanks for your visit on my blog. I have a different view because I could see every situation both side = good and/or bad / better, and a bonus is I never know which side I talking about. I always have idea for everything, sometimes very strange / weird and when you trying can be working, anything is possible. Your lifestyle affect your health, weight and relationship with yourself and round you in your personal and professional life. Some circumstances changeable with your focus and working on it, this is a good news. Your every action / choice had a consequence is and can be affect someone else is too, that’s can be hard accepting because this is your responsbility too. Take it easy, when you have going after your dream that’s can be irritating lots of people round you, from your family, friends and workplace, just keep doing what do you want and you can reach your target. Feel the Difference 🙂


Everything can be different because on holiday everyone want enjoying freedom off to work / everyday routine and can be out of control, and after … ? Your choice what are you doing on your holiday, doesn’t matter you are stay at home / your country or you can travelling somewhere = this is not money matters, this is an another challenge is, because time off meaning is we want spend our time differently than usual. That’s sound simply and good. If you use your holidays with someone else is, than need more patient and definitely you have to plan it, where are you going and when. Holiday meaning for me in summer time = between May and September and I’d like to know 3 months time prepare for my holiday, my partner has an another holiday meaning and his time much shorter than mine if I’m lucky 3 weeks if I’m not lucky enough much shorter 3 days and that’s can be complicating and frustrating, because I don’t understand his system and he doesn’t understand my system, we are still working on it and we are going to holiday together. If you are going to holiday your daily routine can be change or completely disappearing … and after back to normal can be shocking experience. Just enjoying your holiday and keeping your eyes on your why?, please don’t punish yourself after and don’t feel guilty, just remember everything is counting 😦

holiday camper van

My home town Budapest the Hungarian capital and I went to there with my partner in March 2009 and the weather was similar than normal English weather rainy spring weather, if you like to see some pictures, please click for here Feel the Difference 🙂