Zip wire


A long time ago we have been Bournemouth probably I was the oldest person 🤔 who been the zip wire, that’s was out of my comfort zone⁉️ I waved and enjoyed. The 1st pier to shore zip wire in the world! 25 meters above the sea 🌊 and 250 meters over the top of the waves 🌊 to land on 🏖 The weather was typical English 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 spring day, morning and evening cold, daytime is lovely sunny 🌞 😎 and warm. Find my limit is not scary 😱 dealing and accept my limit is necessary 🤔 that’s a 🔑 to step forward. How do you feel, are you moving anywhere or just stay in your presentDo you want to change 💭 Do you look for a solution 👀 Taking full responsibility 💯% on your life is the first step, be grateful what you’ve got in your life. I Feel the Difference what’s stopping you ⁉️ money 💰 health 💪


When you are ready you can reach your goals, live in your dreams  you wouldn’t give up ‼️never giving up ‼️ on your own dream 💫
Success is delayed 🤔 20 years later, I landed in London, England 🇬🇧 I lived there for 19 months 🙃
I love 💕 London, I find my home on the South Coast of England 🇬🇧 a small seaside town 🌟 Memory

Focus on the things you CAN control


🚀 like how you treat yourself 🙃 what/when you say Yes & No to 💭 how you spend your time 🗯

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#feelthedifference 🙃

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Physical health is fitness and wellness do mean that’s not necessarily just help keep you fit and give lots of energy. Do you have any exercise routine, physically, mentally?

What’s your sleeping pattern? Sleep is an essential to maintaining health, are you sleeping enough hours every time? How do you feel after you slept? Energetic, tired or ???

Feel the Difference 🙂