Physical activity

Physical activity has a huge potential to enhance our wellbeing. Even a short burst of 10 minutes brisk walking increases our mental alertness, energy and positive mood. We define wellbeing as “a positive physical, social and mental state” and being physically active coupled with a balanced diet can help you to lead a healthier life.

Physical activity has been shown to have a positive influence on our self-esteem and self-worth. In addition, can reduce levels of stress and anxiety. Adopting a more active lifestyle can be as simple as doing daily tasks more energetically or making small changes to your routine, such as walking up a flight of stairs. Build up your ability gradually. Focus on goals, measure your progress and earn monthly rewards that will keep you motivated.

Consult a doctor before starting a diet or exercise regime. For the most reliable number on the scales, do it in the morning before eating and at the same time whether daily or weekly.

Act for progress, not perfection

Question is: what is it next? when you reached your goal. Then you are still need doing your routine and keeping your eyes on your “why?” This is a never ending story until you can do that on automatically in any situation. You are have to be charge in your life. If you are healthy lots of thing much easy or easier. You can do anything anytime if you still working on it. When you are reached your perfect weight you learned lots of new thing helping there – that was a 1st part and shorter. 2nd part little bit longer, never ending story 😦  this is an easier part because you are learned how eat healthily, which exercise best for you and now everyone take notice you are changed. I hope your family/friends realized and accept your change and happy with that, maybe they are want doing with you in the future, anything is possible. Healthy lifestyles meaning is you take control on your life with your responsbility. Keep your energy and persistence for: prepare your eating plan, hydrate your body, just take it easy, plan your exercise regime and you can Feel the Difference 🙂

just keep doing :)


can be fun

Like it or don’t like it, exercise is part of healthy lifestyle and importance in any weight-management program. When you are change your lifestyles everything and everyone helping you on own way = this is not sure your way. Anyway your lifestyles is your and affect everyone round you and than need use your patient with yourself and your relatives. Exercising is can be fun and you can find lots of different opportunities what is it your perfect exercise and when. You can use the gym, or any fitness program and video on DVD, YouTube, just you are have to know what is it your favorite exercise and how many times and how long you can exercising and with whom? On the Healthy Shape you can find Herbalife Sports Nutrition products and fitness advice on Discover Good Nutrition on YouTube Samatha Clayton fitness expert videos just start doing your exercise and Feel the Difference 🙂


can be fun

When you want control your weight, physical exercise is can help you with healthy eating and your skin flexible follow your weight change. Obesity is a growing global concern and physical exercise may help decrease some of the effects of childhood and adult obesity. Exercise often call is the “miracle” or “wonder”. Physical exercise is important for maintaining a healthy weight, building a healthy bone density, muscle strength, and joint mobility, and strengthening the immune system. Exercise generally improves sleep for most people. Exercise is controls weight, improves mood, boosts energy, promotes better sleep, can be fun. People who do regular activity have a lower risk of many chronic diseases.

can be fun

You can do the programme in your own home, and it is suitable for people of any fitness level. 24-week fitness training programme. Designed for anyone at any fitness level, it really is the smarter way to work out. The 24FIT programme is based on periodisation training and consists of three phases that are specifically designed to be performed in order.

Stability prepares your body with low-intensity, light-impact training specifically designed to strengthen the muscles that keep joints in their correct, natural positions. Strength takes your now properly-aligned body and focuses on building muscle with variable low to high-intensity exercises. Power introduces high-intensity exercises to refine your new strength and increase your stamina, speed and efficiency.

Life can often be non-stop with a need to juggle many different tasks each day. Sometimes you need a pick-me-up to get you through the week and help you remain focused. If you’re constantly tired, or your body isn’t keeping up with your lifestyle, now might be the time to improve your general nutrition with the Core Product range!