Healty Habits

Healthy habits can be in your daily routine, if not yet you can help yourself. You can change your any habits if you want to and when you are readyd- this is a good news, bad news is you need to know which habits your want to change and this is take a time, because we are usual just couldn’t realize which habits doesn’t support anymore. 1st you need to know what you want and why do you want to do that? 2nd you need take an action/s reaching that. Sometimes need change your daily routine, your lifestyles, need think about your box = comfortzone. Need support for you, because that’s make more quicker and easier on your way, sometimes family members and/or friends doesn’t understand your why and worried about the change. Healthy habits doesn’t mean you couldn’t eat-drink what you like, you can enjoying your life and you use portion control food diary very helpful. If you want some new idea, please clikk here. Just keep doing and finally you can reach your target and than everyone round you happy with that 🙂

Why? When? What?

Why When WhatSometimes need a change, sometimes have to change and a first question how? = this is doesn’t help if you don’t know what are you doing, because most the time we are doing on autopilot. If you really want to change, you have to know answering for that’s question: why? when? what? I help you with that example, if you want change your lifestyle, weight, health need working on it your “food diary” and start use portion control. We are in England find on the package how much one portion ?g and what is it in: calories, sugar, fat, satures, salt – this is very helpful if you want change for health matters. If you like chips (I like it) and measure it the results very disappointing for me, because much less than I like my portion chips. 1 portion fruit or vegetables 80g and that sometimes more than I want eat.

What are you eating-drinking? / how big your portion? – after you’re full up? Do you like soft / fizzy drink, alcoholic drink, fruit juice? When are you eating-drinking? / when? what’s time? – are you skipping meal? – night snack nearly midnight or after midnight? Why are you eating-drinking? / what is it your reason? – are you hungry or…? are you drinking enough water? If you like coffee, please don’t forget need drink more water a day. Which emotion is attach for the food/drink and how are you feel before/after?

Please don’t punish yourself, finding out what are you doing couldn’t be easy, lots of effort and the change not happening overnight. After you stared your food diary 2-3 week and you are counting everything and anything, you can know lots of thing about your habit and can help change easier for the right direction. Feel the Difference 🙂


regular physical activity is part of healthy lifestyles. Before you are start please find your reason, why are you doing that? Then you are need find the perfect exercise for you – 1, how you can fitting in your lifestyle? 2, what is it your exercising style? 3, how many times you can do exercise a week? – this all about your commitment for good. If you worried ask for health professional help, definitely consult with your doctor if you are have any health matters.

When you are ready always remind yourself why are you doing that, this is take a time and a result maybe slowly than you can imagine that. Don’t over do it – look after your body and after your training your feeling and muscles tell everything. 1, start exercising gradually. 2, know your health and fitness level. 3, take a time and regular training helping reach your goal. 4, don’t forget taking rest between your exercising. 5, when your motivation low, try change your exercise routine. 6, eat and drink well.                                                      Feel the Difference 🙂


Just relax

After started change your lifestyles you need to be consistent and positively motivated towards achieving your goal. Just be relax! Be consistent on your action, use food diary, what – when – why are you eating-drinking? Which emotional attach with your action, how are you feel after your meal/snack, drink? How many times are you drinking water a day? Please don’t forget another liquid, cup of tea, coffee, hot chocolate, soup, soft dring, alcoholic drink. How big is your portion? At the moment you need finding out what are you doing. Nothing is wrong if you are take responsibility about your action, and the change does mean is you are making change with purpose and everything is under your controll. Are you doing any physical excersice? How many times per week and how long is one session, please don’t over doing. You are need enough sleep. 

start change your lifestyle

Keep a daily record = food dairy of your meals, snacks and drink for a week period, start any week days through Saturday and Sunday. What’s time are you eating-drinking? What is it your emotion? How are your feel? Are you had enough? Don’t forget, exercise is controls weight, improves mood, boosts energy, promotes better sleep, can be fun. If you need a help, you can contact with me via Healthy Shape or the contact form.


When you are managing your weight and eating healthiest and exercising, please think about what you drinking. A drink is a liquid substance which is specifically prepared for human consumption (drinking). It is often called a beverage, although this definition excludes water. You can drink alcoholic drink and fruit or vegetable juices, and hot drinks such as coffee and hot chocolate, tea. Drink 6-8 glasses of water each day to keep your body hydrated. Watch the liquid calories, get most of your calories from foods, not beverages – it’s one of the easiest ways to cut out excess calories.

I don’t drink alcohol, because I just don’t like it. 3 hungarian alcoholic drink on the photo: Tokaji Aszú is dessert wine. Pálinka is an only fruit spirits mashed (apricot on the photo), distilled, matured and bottled in Hungary. Unicum is an herbal digestif liqueur. I drinking soft drink and Instant herbal beverageAloe vera drinkSport drinkFeel the Difference 🙂


We can control our actions, we couldn’t control their consequence and both our responsibility. Your weight affect your quality of your life. Maintain your health while controlling your weight! Weight management is a long-term healthy lifestyle, includes a balance of healthy eating and physical exercise. Weight management is focused on the long-term results, achieved through of an ideal body weight for age, sex and height. Overweight is generally more than is optimally healthy. Underweight is low to be healthy. Weight control is achieved with a calorie-controlled eating plan.

These products help everyone enjoy a healthier lifestyle, and can be used to lose or gain weight in a controlled and convenient way.