You can enjoy your money more

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Take the next step to the rest of your life

Your life can be good without struggling, frustration about your money matters. …Becoming fearless with your money and finally gaining control of it is so much closer than you think. You can trust yourself, you can be honest with your money, without hard work, this is an investment in yourself this is an education with your creativity with support.

See you there, Feel the Difference 🙂

Everyone’s journey with their finances is so unique and honestly I think being fearless with money to me is never about the number, but rather about your confidence and the sense of accomplishment. That is the primary result. – Jen Hemphill




in January time to think again what are you doing, where are you going, time to clearing out what doesn’t help at the moment, that’s can be difficult, because you need to know what do you want and why are you want to that? Try change your view, this is fun – OK not sure on the laughing “ha ha way”, can be opposite, just try re-think your moment. Clean up your wardrobe – trying on your clothes, checking your financial situation – and make a plan, clearing up you kitchen and bathroom, checking the labels on food in the cupboard, fridge, freezer, checking the labels on cleaning staff, outsidechecking the labels on medicine, checking the labels on cosmetics, make up. This is not an easy job, and can be surprising what you can find. When you change your view, you can see different opportunities and if possible try new thing. This is simple, just I’m not sure easy and take a time, Feel the Difference 🙂 


for a New Year’s resolution

for a New Year’s resolution

Live each day with courage.
Take pride in your work.
Always finish what you start.
Do what has to be done.
Be tough, but fair.
When you make a promise, keep it.
Ride for the brand.
Talk less and say more.
Remember that some things aren’t for sale.
Know where to draw the line.
Here’s to making every day just a little bit better,
Health, happiness, & prosperity to you & yours in 2015.

Feel the Difference 🙂 Happy New Year


30 day until Christmas, time to make yourself ready for without guilt your life. Organize what to do for Christmas, keep yourself happy, relaxed enjoying your time. Christmas time we spend more time together with our family, friends and someone working, more eating-drinking that’s time is normal after your Christmas your feeling could be different. Planning – where are you and what’s time going to. That’s time this year we couldn’t think about our `normal lifestyle` – just remember you still can use the basic, portion control, eat when you are feel hunger, and drink regularly water, eat fruits and vegetables, Feel the Difference 🙂


face your reality

Accepting the reality is can be hard and take a time, because our life circumstances sometimes doesn’t help. When you start managing your weight you know why doing that (I hoping you are know what you do) Step on the scale… I’m not sure everyone’s option, but you need to know where you start, another option is measuring yourself byself or with someone else’s help. Don’t worry you can be suprise – lots of people body smaller then you think about ownself, because our lifestyle doesn’t support, just buy comfy clothes and some shop have a different size. Measuring youself is an easiest part, hardest part is writting down with date and later 2-3-4 weeks later measuring yourself again. If you use the products on the correct way, and start exercising regularly you can reach your target, Feel the Difference

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