Do you know what are you doing?


I don’t know what’s time this year. I know the date, we are 4 days to Valentine’s day, and all shops full of Valentine’s day sweet, after a couple steps Easter sweet taking over in the shops. The coffee shops still sell festive drinks from last Christmas, this is a little bit confused. Valentine’s day 14th February, Easter this year is 16th 17th April, Christmas 25th 26th December, time is never stop. Looks like the shops know what they’re doing. Do you know what are you doing?


12 days until Christmas

We can over doit this time a year, if you take a time and you start organize your Christmas, you have a time for everything. You can know what to do about Christmas, where are you, with whom. Time to buying presents, this is take a time if you going to shopping by foot and this is take a time if you buying online, because this is a busiest time for delivery. Food shopping is a hardest thing, because we are want everything this time, and celebrating time we can eating-drinking more often than usually different kind of food. If you know when you eat and what you eat usual and still controling your portion, you can stay on the right direction. Just doing your best and Feel the Difference 🙂


30 day until Christmas, time to make yourself ready for without guilt your life. Organize what to do for Christmas, keep yourself happy, relaxed enjoying your time. Christmas time we spend more time together with our family, friends and someone working, more eating-drinking that’s time is normal after your Christmas your feeling could be different. Planning – where are you and what’s time going to. That’s time this year we couldn’t think about our `normal lifestyle` – just remember you still can use the basic, portion control, eat when you are feel hunger, and drink regularly water, eat fruits and vegetables, Feel the Difference 🙂


necessary and/or feeling good?

Between Christmas and New Year celebrating our choices is can be easy and/or difficult. How are you celebrating? I talk about your feeling, lifestyle and something else … Celebrating time we can consume more than necessary, because celebrating good feeling and then ce can’t/couldn’t/won’t control our life. Think about before / after what you doing, this is about yourself and your family or anybody else?

Celebrating meaning is spending time together without guilt and any bad emotional enjoying our time together. This time a year we can spend more money what we having or plan it, and can be problems is we can afford it what we consume. Good news is we can change our habits and attitude anytime when we want to change. Just take a rest after Christmas and make yourself ready for New Year celebrating and Feel the Difference 🙂

Feel the Difference :)

Christmas feeling is different for everyone and everywhere. This is my personal feeling about Christmas.

I’m living in England and Christmas is different here, than in Hungary. Something we can change, something we couldn’t, not because we won’t = because we just can’t. Christmas not just about love, family, money. Christmas (and everything) give a feeling for me. English Christmas decoration at home start in early December, decorating the Christmas tree and our home inside /everywhere/ – outside (not yet – because this is new thing for me). Christmas in England spending time with family and friends. Christmas tree stay until 12 days after Christmas day, not longer – I don’t know why, Christmas present opening time on Christmas day – sorry not for me 😦

Christmas tree decorating in Hungary at home on Christmas Eve and this is a day for Christmas present opening time – definitely for me 🙂 Christmas tree have to stay until 6th January – I don’t know exactly why, this is not just superstition. Christmas in Hungary spend time together with family.

One thing common in English and Hungarian Christmas lots of food and treat, yes different kind of food. My favourite Christmas tree decoration was (in Hungary) 2003, because on the green Christmas tree blue and gold decoration was beautiful and my feeling was satisfied in the middle very difficult situation. I don’t want that situation anymore in my life, I just want to feel happy and satisfaction. Fortunately or not I couldn’t find similar decoration, and my friend realized I don’t want that situation again in my life, I can find similar feeling if I working on it = thanks for her, this is right. We can choose our feelings and how we can react for any situation, this make a different.