Choice = Responsibility

baby hedgehogafter my Hedgehog in the garden post follow Sunday we are find 9am morning a baby hedgehog outside our garden, my partner picked up and set it down beside the bush, later we find her under the bush, evening gave a food and water for her and she could eating – drinking alone, that’s was a best news. 2 day later she disappeared – we couldn’t see any hedgehogs in our garden, but their food gone for morning. I was upset and I said if the baby hedgehog not turning up I’m not taking out any food for them, couple hours later we seen our baby hedgehog half way between the bush and our back door, and she walked “funny” = limping 😦 after she had a drink and food she disappeared. On the internet we find out hedgehog not coming out day light except something wrong with them, leg injury very popular and easy treating just need taking the nearest Wildlife Hospital. This is big challenge because hedgehog is just coming out evening after 8pm or later and Wildlife Hospital closed 5.30pm, if we can catch the baby hedgehog where is we keeping her all night and how/when take in the Wildlife Hospital. We couldn’t catch her because she more quicker than we are and in the dark…? now hedgehogs comin for food and drink in the garden and sometime we can see them, some times not and we put out food/drink 2 different place in the garden. Last night we seen the baby hedgehog and when she finished with her food, she went to eat for the another place and walked nicely – we couldn’t seen any limping but the time was nearly 10pm. Our choice – volunteer feeding the hedgehogs and now this is our responsibility feeding the hedgehogs in our garden, doesn’t matter we can see them or not, this our choice and our responsibility, Feel the Difference 🙂

Planning ???

Are you planning anything or everything. I don’t like planning = I’m just couldn’t use this word, anyway I am still planning.



You know what is it Plan A? or do you have Plan B? – if I have a plan I just doing what I decided because no reason I looking for another option, OK I have 2 choice is I do it, or I am not doing anything, that’s it 😉

Planning??? I haven’t idea what is that, because I am not planning = I haven’t any more option, just I focus on what I want and I try keep moving that’s direction. When I decided I taking action for my target I don’t care about I like it or not, I am ignore lots of circumstances and I use my action consequences for helping me, this is irritating for lots of people and they’re always tell me, I am very lucky because everything going to be successfully – I am not sure about that, I am sure about myself and my choice is how I can coping with every obstacles. On the journey for my target sometimes I don’t know why I doing what I doing, just I know I am on the right direction.