Happy 2018



Do you know what are you doing?


I don’t know what’s time this year. I know the date, we are 4 days to Valentine’s day, and all shops full of Valentine’s day sweet, after a couple steps Easter sweet taking over in the shops. The coffee shops still sell festive drinks from last Christmas, this is a little bit confused. Valentine’s day 14th February, Easter this year is 16th 17th April, Christmas 25th 26th December, time is never stop. Looks like the shops know what they’re doing. Do you know what are you doing?

plan ahead

3 months is enough time for…? What do you think, if you are plan ahead can be helpful for your lifestyles and lots of things is repeated regularly, day-by-day, weekly, monthly, yearly, birthdays, anniversary, seasons, school holidays, family holidays, Christmas. Planning is can be complicated, because need to know what you want and when on your target date, after you can reach step-by-step, and you need keep you eyes on it. If you don’t know what do you want you can’t planning anything. Today is 24th September and Christmas Eve is on 24th December this is 3 months time, Christmas start on Christmas Eve for me, I know in England start on 25th December. Time to you find out what do you want about that time, if you are want to go away time to booked your transport, room and lots of thing what is it need for the perfect Holiday. If you want spend time with your family of/and friends time to talk about your idea and planning where, when and what’s time. 3 months is 90 days and can be enough for anything change if you taking action forward.

Chocolate… on sticks ;)

What do you think? …because you are managing your weight in healthy way, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t celebrating. Chocolate, I like chocolate, not anytime and not every chocolate – I still like chocolate. 

Shopping list: need round chocolate, bamboo/wooden skewers, elastic band, sellotape, ribbon, gift bag, and celofan and sponge from the florist. And need your time and patient! I cutted the celofan 2 parts, 1 part for the wrapping separatly each chocolates, I closed celofan with sellotape after I putted in the bamboo/wooden skewer and I fixed with sellotape and celofan, than another end stick in the sponge = this is I repeated all round chocolates, when is all wrapped and in the sponge I puted on the another celofan middle and wrapped with that, I used elastic band keep it round and sellotape, after I used ribbon, and I putted in the gift bag. I just hoping looking is similar then bouquet. 

there are no limits, only infinite possiblities

Having a goal is the easy bit, achieving it takes effort and we don’t know how long is take, if you want something difference you need a strategy. If something not right may be affect your focus on your goal, health, work, relationship, money.

– Why you want to change and this is your goal or someone else’s goal?

– Commiting yourself to reach your goal. Why do you want to achieve that? And think about, how will change your life? You have to decide to do it and stick on it. Always remember for your WHY?

– Don’t make excuses, always see your target. I know changing our behaviour not easy. You can use help, write down your goal, put on the fridge, calendar,… and than your feeling difference about yourself.

– Be specific, why you want change your lifestyles? You want feeling better or have to change, sometimes we are just have 1 choice = have to do it, because… Than need support yourself and focus on your future.

– One thing at the time, this is keep you on the right direction. Lots of small success make a biggest achievement.

– Visualize you can do that. Imagine yourself – achieved your goal. This is make you happier and more positive about your journey.

– Celebrating your success, you are working hard, when you achieve the next step reaching your goal, reward yourself, because you are doing well. Find new reward for yourself.

If you know what you want, why you want to that, then you can achieve that easy and perfect way how good for you.

Happy New Year!

This time means a chance at a new beginning

Every New Year comes new opportunities, connections and experiences, are you ready? Everyone needs a new beginning – whether it be from a personal failing, tragic past, or in the desire to pursue a dream.New Year celebrationThe New Year is the time of unfolding horizons and the realization of dreams, may you rediscover new strength and faith with you, and be able to rejoice in the simple pleasures that life has to offer and put a brave front for all the challenges that may come your way. Wishing you a lovely New Year.


necessary and/or feeling good?

Between Christmas and New Year celebrating our choices is can be easy and/or difficult. How are you celebrating? I talk about your feeling, lifestyle and something else … Celebrating time we can consume more than necessary, because celebrating good feeling and then ce can’t/couldn’t/won’t control our life. Think about before / after what you doing, this is about yourself and your family or anybody else?

Celebrating meaning is spending time together without guilt and any bad emotional enjoying our time together. This time a year we can spend more money what we having or plan it, and can be problems is we can afford it what we consume. Good news is we can change our habits and attitude anytime when we want to change. Just take a rest after Christmas and make yourself ready for New Year celebrating and Feel the Difference 🙂