Nappy cake

When a baby is born, we don’t realize what is it give to present for the child, we don’t know that the parents tastes, nappy cake is solution, because a newborn baby always use nappies.

Just buy a newborn Starter Kit and if you think, you can buy something for the Mum. I just made it Nappy Cake when born my friends daughter, this is was a huge surprise. My best wishes for you, if you make one.

Nappy Cake

Nappy Cake

Nappy Cake Instructions

Newborn Starter Kit, including of Newborn Size 27 nappies, a pack of Cotton Soft Sheets and pack of Pure wipes, 1 pack nappy bags, 1 Stretch Mark Cream & Nipple Cream for Mum, small elastics bands, ribbons, cellophane – 1 meter, cake board, 3 big elastics bands

Clean the workplace where are you want to work, because you want use your cake.

Roll 27 nappies using hair elastics to hold each roll in place. For a tight roll, start from the closed end of each nappy and hold on with elastics bands. Use a large elastic band to help you hold them in place, put on the cake board middle a pack of Cotton Soft Sheets, Stretch Mark Cream, Nipple Cream and a pack of nappy bags use a large elastic band to help you hold them in place. 17 of the rolled nappies around make the first tier on the cake board. Add a piece of ribbon round the first tier of the “cake”, (hiding the elastic band).

Always make sure your hands and the table are very clean.

Repeat technique using a rolled nappies make the second tier with the remaining 10 nappies and the baby wipes on the side make sure the face will be the front of the cake in the second tier, include any labels from the products for future reference.

Wrap the base layer of the cake in cellophane to keep it clean, add a fat piece of ribbon round the second tier of the “cake” (hiding the elastic band). Use the 3rd piece of ribbon close the cellophane on the top, your “cake” ready 🙂