The 50/30/20 rule

the 50/30/20 rules can help start or restart your budget, 50% of your income toward necessities, to living expenses and essentials. This includes your housing and bills, food and transportation for work. 30% of your income toward for flexible spending. This is everything you buy that you want but don’t necessarily need. 20% of your income toward going to financial goals, meaning your savings, investments, and debt-reduction payments. If you have a better system, just carry on, if you haven’t got any system controlling your money you need to find the new one for good.

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Emergency Fund

Don’t let unexpected expenses or events ruin your finances. You never know when disaster will hit. If you don’t have one, now is the best time to start. Empty your purse/wallet every evening and put away or set up an account and keep topping it up until you have build-up 3 months of expenses.

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Be realistic

Does your income cover your lifestyle? Do you have a budget? Your budget shows your lifestyle in number on the paper. Yes, you need to take an effort find out what’s going on, write it all down, how you can make more savings, increase your income and cuts down what’s not necessary, clearing out your unwanted/unloved stuff, membership and/or subscription

Just remember to be strong,

nothing’s cheap if you don’t want it.

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Stop complaining

You are can change your life, don’t blame yourself and stop complaining. Can be realistic, you had a strong and weak side, you need to know what are you doing and why. Money is essential for your life, paying your living expenses. Think about when you plan your holiday, need an accommodation, transport, food and spending money. You need a roof over your head, you have to eat food, need some clothes, paying your transport, look after your health, paying tax – TV license and enjoying your free time with your family/friends; unfortunately most people forget to treat themselves. My opinion everyone can find the balance between personal and professional life, if need to choose something just not right, that’s about your relationship with your work/family, your work and your family is your choice with all your own responsibilities – I’m not talking about your parents/siblings (but you can change that relationship too, yes I know that’s longer) What’s your relationship with the/your money, stop complaining because… you can change your focus

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lovely sunny Sunday

How do you feel when you see that’s cars? Envious? Jealous? Angry? Maybe you are happy to see that’s expensive cars. We had our lunch in that country pub and a carpark was full with Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Porsche more was behind the camera. I saw that abundance and I still have the same feeling when I looking at my photo, Think again, how do you feel, when you see abundance and that’s not yours? You can change how do you feel, how do you think, what do you say –choice is yours.

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sound similar?

Probably you hear that: you need to know what do you want, sound similar? That’s can be complicated, do you know what you don’t like in your life at the present? If you know this is a good start, if you don’t, time is now finding out are you happy whit everything you got or??? If you don’t like it, change it, you can move forward for good.

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You can enjoy your money more

Yes - Maybe - No

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