What do you think one plus one is how much??? Even before you ask me, that’s mean what I thought: I like drink coffee, any coffee with milk and sugar. My favorite is the “late” – that’s I drink it without sugar, although it is still a calorie bomb – usually over 500 calories, because made with sugar syrup and full fat milk, this is rich in calorie even if only I drink a small glass.  So if I drink my coffee 2 tsp sugar then 3 a day = this 6 teaspoon of sugar, OK my a teaspoon of sugar, it’s flat I use. But if I go to visit my friend and I ask me how much sugar I use my coffee – then I do not see a spoon size, nor the amount of sugar made my coffee, it also happens to the coffee shop sugar cube is this not even know what amount, I know that all adds up. It’s not just the sugar amount of in my so. When you regularly eat anything you are not sure of the calories your body uses up the excess remains in the form of us, unfortunately, in various parts of the body.

If you want to change yourself, just start eat less calories then your body slowly begins to use us in excess. Of course, in order to reduce your weight to a bit of physical activity is required. Fortunately, the same process takes place even in this case, let’s start small 10-15-20 minute exercise 2-3 times a week when I’m used to regular exercise you can increase the duration and frequency, here we are talking about a regular and ongoing work by the we will in our power to control.

Body image = Mission Impossible (?)

 What do you see in the mirror? Do you happy with that picture or you’re frustrated?

Your body image is mental picture of your body. It is important how you’re feel about your body and what see in the mirror.

 Our culture and time in which we live determines not only how we appear but also how we except to appear. If your feel that don’t fit the “normal” body image we generally try to change it. However, what is seen as normal?

Can I ask you what is it your inner talk about your body image, your like yourself in the mirror? Do you look after your body? How you talk about your body image with your friends, family, your partner? Everyone accept yourself? or someone just take a notice what is it not good enough for him/her with your body image?

I think more important you understand you can change your thoughts about your body image, when you think positive about your body, your feeling more better, you have positive body image. spend time with people who are feel good about themselves. Put a smile on your face and help you feel good about yourself.

Be good to your body, stepping outside your comfort zone is a great way to grow.

 Find the real you, be proud of yourself. When you change your attitude for positive attitude, everything change around you, because a positive attitude is contagious, you’ll feel good and people want to be near you. Learn from your actions – both good and bad, give knowledge you gain to make positive decisions in your life.

Find your humour, when you can see humorous side of your situation, you’ll be less stressed and better handle your situations.

If someone start criticize, ignore them or ask back what is it your problem with your body image or your weight? I happy in my life 🙂  please respect my choose.

Listen to your body, be realistic about the size you are likely to be based on your genetic and environmental history, exercise regularly in an enjoyable way, regardless of size, work towards self acceptance and self forgiveness – be gentle with yourself. Ask for support from your family and friends = life is stressful, decide and imagine how you wish to use “your perfect body image” with enjoying family, friends, and most importantly life.

You can change your thoughts, accepting your shape and size, accept genetics, understand you emotions, avoid the unrealistic standards of beauty and thinness.

Your body is perfect just the way it is, your confidence in yourself as a person, not a size. Spend your time with more positive, satisfying pursuits. Let your inner beauty and individuality shine. Think back to a time in your life when you liked and enjoyed your body, be your body’s ally and advocate. Beauty it is a reflection of your whole self, love and enjoy the person inside.

Body image is directly related to self-esteem, your body image it is your mental picture of your body your thoughts, feelings, judgements, sensations, awareness and behaviour. Body image is developed through interactions with people and the social world. It’s our mental picture of ourselves; it’s what allows us to become ourselves. Body image influences behaviour, self esteem, and our psyche. A healthy body image occurs when your feelings about your body is positive, confident and self caring. This image is necessary to care for the body, find outlets for self-expression, develop confidence in one’s physical abilities and feel comfortable with who you are.

Weight management isn’t just about losing, gaining or maintaining weight. It is also about improving your self-esteem, being who you want to be, in control of your life.  Manage your weight – look great!