Physical activity

Physical activity has a huge potential to enhance our wellbeing. Even a short burst of 10 minutes brisk walking increases our mental alertness, energy and positive mood. We define wellbeing as “a positive physical, social and mental state” and being physically active coupled with a balanced diet can help you to lead a healthier life.

Physical activity has been shown to have a positive influence on our self-esteem and self-worth. In addition, can reduce levels of stress and anxiety. Adopting a more active lifestyle can be as simple as doing daily tasks more energetically or making small changes to your routine, such as walking up a flight of stairs. Build up your ability gradually. Focus on goals, measure your progress and earn monthly rewards that will keep you motivated.

Consult a doctor before starting a diet or exercise regime. For the most reliable number on the scales, do it in the morning before eating and at the same time whether daily or weekly.

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