What to do…

when your loved ones = another half / family member / best friends start dieting? Accept and respect her/his choice! This is not an easy, because you don’t know what is it behind her/him choice. If you want helping please doing on her/his way, because this is hard enough for her/him. Don’t feel guilty because you are want helping, just realize this is about her/his lifestyle. Don’t courage her/his – that’s mean is don’t eat – drink opposite her/him what is she/hw won’t. Helping someone on her/his way can be difficult for you, and this is difference off your way – that way is better support for her/him. If you don’t want change with her/him, that’s fine. Don’t punish yourself if you find out your loved ones meking a mistake (nobody perfect) just remind her/him what is she/he doing not fit in her/his new lifestyles. Commintment is hard for everyone and when is start I’m not sure is fun, excuses can be normal and later everything much easier with lots of fun. Take it easy both, keep calm and doing your best and Feel the Difference 🙂

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