Happy Easter


Easter here and today is Good Friday. I don’t know how are you managing your weight? I know you are doing your best. Easter is in England 4 days long weekend – if you are working on working days, Good Friday is bank holiday, Saturday and Easter Sunday is “normal” day – but some shop is closed on Sunday, Easter Monday is bank holiday.

Yesterday I met my friend in the supermarket and she told me gave up eating chocolate for the Lent, now she is very happy because tomorrow (today) is = Good Friday she can eat chocolates again and she is been chocolate shopping. I don’t know about you, my personal opinion is giving up not an option in my healthy lifestyles. My solution is I can eat anything what I like with moderation, this is not an easy and can be complicated or difficult. If you know what do you like eat, and you are control your portion size and/or just change your time when you having that can be helpful. Feel the Difference 🙂


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