Chocolate… on sticks ;)

What do you think? …because you are managing your weight in healthy way, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t celebrating. Chocolate, I like chocolate, not anytime and not every chocolate – I still like chocolate. 

Shopping list: need round chocolate, bamboo/wooden skewers, elastic band, sellotape, ribbon, gift bag, and celofan and sponge from the florist. And need your time and patient! I cutted the celofan 2 parts, 1 part for the wrapping separatly each chocolates, I closed celofan with sellotape after I putted in the bamboo/wooden skewer and I fixed with sellotape and celofan, than another end stick in the sponge = this is I repeated all round chocolates, when is all wrapped and in the sponge I puted on the another celofan middle and wrapped with that, I used elastic band keep it round and sellotape, after I used ribbon, and I putted in the gift bag. I just hoping looking is similar then bouquet. 

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