A promise is a commitment by someone to do or not do something.” Lots of different types of promises; 1st you do voluntary promises for someone = when you that’s promise breaking up can be harm your life, because nobody forced your promise (everyone knows that from you or someone) and everyone know it you was wrong, if you doing that you have to keep it. 2nd when someone forces your promise – that wasn’t promise, this is manipulation – that you don’t have to keep, because someone forced you, and please you have to support yourself, and this is wasn’t voluntary promise. 3rd the promise you made to yourself – this is a tricky one, because nobody knows that, just you and you always remember for that, please take note you can’t always keep that promises, I know our feelings we couldn’t always control. Don’t worry if you couldn’t keep your own promise because our life changeable with/out our control. 

I never promise anything, just doing my best.


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