I have the power deal with the change in my life

Change = make or become different. Change is not pleasant, but change is constant. When you make a change, start doing new thing, you don’t have to tell for anyone, because everyone feel the difference, this is challenging. Someone try stop you, someone upset because you doing something difference and just want protect you of disappointment, someone trying support you own way – this is not sure your way – try accept that. Change meaning in my life I am still alive 😉 change is constant.

I have the power deal with the change in my life


When you making difference or becoming different, everything can be mixed-up and your attraction is can be frustrating you. Then you are in the middle your transformation – between from start to end and then just everyone and everything doesn’t help you. Where you are start, this is your past and present and certainly you know that and this is it why you are changing. Where you are now in your present, this is little bit different from your experience, need your imagination and more patience with yourself because this is new. Where you want to be in your future, this is definitely new and still need your patience more than you planned that and more and more and more imagination from about your dream/target/success …

I wish for you a life of health, success and happiness with patience for yourself 

4 thoughts on “I have the power deal with the change in my life

  1. Change is not constant! Thank you for the encouraging words. It is so important to have patience during the process of change.

  2. I really like your positive words& you’re right….only we ourselves can make that change!

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