Gift / Present giving and receiving

giftOne month = 30 days to Christmas, and time to planning what you do then, need a plan for your Christmas shopping, Christmas time lots of people like giving gift / present for her/his family/friends. Gift giving and receiving close together. A gift / present is given without the expectation of payment. A gift/present receiving/accepting sometimes more difficult, than giving. Personalised your gift not very difficult if you won’t make disappointment. You can ask = usual not sure you having the “correct” answer. You can give practical present – what is it need for him/her. You can give non practical gift – this is not necessary for him/her, just make him/her happy everytime when is use your gift, or just could’nt afford it (that’s mean – not about price) just couldn’t imagine, he/she can own it that. When you are give a “perfect gift” that’s feeling so much better for you, because you are achieved something extraordinary. Perfect gift-giving doesn’t exist for everyone, perfect gift-giving very special, because personalised with love, kind, attention and respect on the perfect time. Perfect gift accepting – more difficult realize if you had it, because perfect gift can be arriving the different way from the different person and not sure the perfect time, just later when you start use that made that gift your life/feeling “perfect”. Choosing the perfect gift when somebody asking you sometimes difficult, because ourself usual not on the list everyday and we just won’t or can’t think about ourself. Perfect gift sometime just spend more time together without expectation. You can give a perfect gift for yourself if you start think about yourself. One month = 30 days till Christmas I hoping enough for you find the perfect gift for you family and friends, because Christmas is 25th and 26th December. Christmas start with Christmas Evening for me.

Some gift/present we can wrapping/packed what is it can be and the presentation is importance and give a good looking, better feeling when are we opening our present. My wishes for you, find the perfect gift for your family and friends, and you have it your perfect gift and then you Feel the Difference 🙂

3 thoughts on “Gift / Present giving and receiving

  1. 30 days to Christmas! Eeek!
    I must admit though I actually very much enjoy present shopping for other people, always have X

  2. So true – one doesn’t always recognize a gift as special until much later! I still have a purple comb that was a gift from my ‘Angel’ (secret friend) when I was in college … at the time, I remember being a bit disappointed – but it was sturdy, a good size, and all these 40+ years later, I STILL enjoy using it!!

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