why diet doesn’t work?

 When are you realize your diet doesn’t work, please be kindle with yourself.

Yourself not on your list, that’s meaning, everything and anything is most importance than your health, feeling, weight/shape, and your/perfect/me time. If you know that’s feeling you are not alone. Sometimes or most the time we just couldn’t take care ownself. Need a time for your transformation and some information of you.

– Where are you want to be? What do you want and when? are you have a specific date, don’t forget Christmas comin and that’s time we are can eat more than usual.

– Are you what are you doing at the moment? – because when you doesn’t know what are you doing how you can change that.

– Why are you want change? – this is your solution or someone else: partner your partner has a perfect healthy shape or having lots of issue about his/her weight, doctor health is everything, if your weight is affect your health definitely need change, friends/colleagues mindless eating or starving with them.

– Why do you want change? Do you want more energy or just want your feeling better, or you are ready change your dress size? 

4 thoughts on “why diet doesn’t work?

  1. Diet doesn’t work without the right attitude! I have found that when you persist as in everything else you will find the right method to lose weight and get healthy. I had tried several things and then went to Slimming World and have now lost 44 pounds. I needed the right attitude to be able to succeed and the determination to make sure I don’t have to do it again! As with everything else it’s down to how you apply yourself and how mush you actually WANT it.

  2. I think it’s probably a question of how we define, “diet.” I just think of it as being what we eat, whether it is healthy or not. But I get that a lot of people see it as something that deprives, which, of course, would not be sustainable. They think of it as being something we go on or off of, rather than something we gradually evolve. Like you say, though, having a big enough reason can help. And I think Barrie is spot on with attitude as another prime ingredient for success.

  3. Diets can’t work if you are not invested in making any meal plan or anything you strive to do. You have to really want it, otherwise whatever you want more will take over,

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