How you doing?

Thanks your visiting my blog, I hope everything is “perfect” in your life and under your control. I think that all depends on you and how is your feel everyone around you feel it. You can put on autopilot everything if you know what are you doing and why are you doing that.

Your health is most important than everything else is in your life, because health is everything and looking after your health is = never ending story, just do it anyway and you don’t have to tell everybody what are you doing and why. Be sensible what are you eating-drinking, careful with your portion size. Your life is yours, you can enjoying your life, you can be healthy, happy and this is easy, not simple.

I like potato – yes, this is not very “healthy” friend, anyway I like it and I eat potato. My another “challenge” is chocolate, when is weather cold getting more complicated because I’d like drinking hot chocolate, evening time (this is not a good time for that) or/and I am going to the coffee shop and I buy any special drink (??? calories – I don’t know) usually I buy the smallest portion – unfortunatelly usual that’s size biggest than I thought, I enjoying without guilt because I know what I am doing and I just enjoying my life.

Healthy lifestyle and weight-management meaning for me, I know what I eating-drinking, when = because I am hungry/thirsty, and why = because I am looking after myself with responsibility. Are you Feel the Difference? Just put your all pieces together and everything going to be the right direction on the right time.

4 thoughts on “How you doing?

  1. I love how you do what you feel is best for you. Logic goes into a lot of things…but one person’s logically good might be another’s not so good. I think we need to do a better job of listening to our inner voice and guidance systems. Thanks for your post!

  2. I need to take better care of my health. I know sitting at the PC all day, working is NOT healthy! Thanks for the reminder (and yes, I love chocolate too!)

  3. Hello! I have liked and followed your blog. I try to exercise as often as I can and my job is quite active 🙂

  4. I also like to have my hot chocolate drink, not only in the evening though ! Plus I am eating chocolates now as I type but I know it is wrong and not healthy but we are what we are and enjoy what we like. Thanks for sharing.

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