Self-confidence is believing in yourself

Self-confidence is having confidence in yourself. Self-confidence doesn’t mean self-belief in ability to succeed. Maybe you can do sport or activity, but your confident doesn’t have a great deal outcome of your results, because maybe you focus on the negative consequences and worrying the potential failures and you get that’s results. If you focus on the current situation and your possibilities successful results, and you get that’s results, are you Feel the Difference 🙂 ?

I know this is not always easy, because this is simply. Easy means something that takes little to no effort to accomplish. Simply means something that is not complicated, complex or difficult to understand. Confidence meaning (for me) when you are ready for taking action you can focus on what you want and get it. Sometimes need time find your confidence and nobody know how long taking that. We all have different: life experience, expectations – our or someone else is, limited belief, courage and… timing, when you ready you can taking action and you get what you want. I know sometimes much longer when we thought that, just never giving up on you.

9 thoughts on “Self-confidence is believing in yourself

  1. Love your message. For some reason, I was born with confidence. I feel so sorry for my loved-ones wha don’t face the life with an optamistic viewpoint. Although I’m confident in my ability, success doen’st necessarily follow. Wish more of my books would sell. 😉

  2. Interesting, never thought about the distinction between the two before. It does make sense though.

  3. Great post and you definitely have to believe in yourself or you are not going to make it in life.

  4. Self belief helps me with many things and confidence in my own ability to do a job is one thing. Something it DOESN’T do is get me past the obstacles I had to contend with. The confidence to do that came from working on personal development and knowing that the power comes from within…

  5. for me, I have found the more I try new things out the more confident I get. In reality we are all capable of doing whatever we really want to, it’s only our incorrect negative self beliefs that are stopping us. the more we let them go, the better and easier it gets. Great post, thanks for sharing

  6. I loved your graphic. I got a chuckle out of it — and it truly does say it all. Self-confidence is key to success, this is so true. I find I gain it with practice and failure of what I am doing. Thanks for your inspiring post.

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