What success means to you?

– the opposite of failure
– achievement of a goal/s
– a level of social status
– money
– or…?

for your successful life need your thoughts, beliefs, habits, priorities, values, decisions, lifestyles, strategies, system (yes, everyone has a system just not sure everyone happy how working own system), … that’s together give a successful results with your action, doesn’t matter how big is that. Sometimes we are on autopilot, we doing what we can without any ideas why are we doing that. When we can realize on autopilot, then need to find a way how to help we can achieve our goals. Are you heard of it we have inner and outer game and how working both together? If doesn’t work you know why I asking you, please watch this video below and give some answer for you.


Can you answering for that questions:
What is going on in your outer world?
What is going on in your inner world?
What can you change in your outside world?
What can you change in your inner world?
How do you want to be in this situation?

7 thoughts on “What success means to you?

  1. I think success is different for each and every one of us and for different situations. I also think it’s important to define what it looks like for yourself when you set out to do something so you KNOW when you have achieved it.

    • Bonnie I agree with you, everyone need define what is it success meaning, taking action and see it, feel it how like own success 🙂

  2. I think everyone has a definition of success.

    I want to have a steady good paying job that allows me to travel the world and does not tie me down to one location. Something like a full time internet marketer. I love my freedom and I don’t want to give it up unless I absolutely have to. I don’t really like the term “success” though because it sounds like one particular point in the future where you have everything you want – the end result – and there is nowhere to go from there. I feel successful when I work hard and progress towards improving myself as person.

  3. Timothy I couldn’t use some words, because gave me wrong direction, instead I use different words and this is working. I try focus on my why – why am I doing what I am doing and this is give me better results 🙂

  4. i think success means happiness. but still i am searching for the meaning of it.

    • Amar, success meaning for me, not just money or goal achieving, more than with happy lifestyle 🙂

  5. Success means fulfillment of your dreams. Everyone is aiming for that. We have to take actions to reach our dreams and be successful not only in money but for everything. 🙂

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