Positive change in your life

Your life is reflection of your thoughts, you has thoughts every day, every hour, every minute in your life, and you can think about anything – health, money, life, relationship, and you can think about your past / present / future and…

Sometimes we can realize our thoughts and beliefs, sometimes we couldn’t, and they are can be different. Different beliefs probably give different results and then we have a challenges find the way how we get what we want. “Your mind responds automatically to something that’s both simpler and more powerful than statements.” Everyone deserve healthy, wealthy, good life 🙂

3 thoughts on “Positive change in your life

  1. Thanks for the video Sussana. It of the things that helped me with my belief was affirmations, and also hanging around others that told me that they believe. Quite often I reflect on things I have been successful in, that helps me keep the belief level high also.

  2. Thanks for sharing the video Susanna! Affirmations along with associating with people that believe in me has definitely help my believe in myself more. Also, reflecting on tasks I have been successful in completing, that helps keep my belief level high also.

  3. Thanks for sharing this wonderful video. Always have positive thoughts! Thanks Noah!

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