on? / off?

Sometimes need take a rest, need quality and enough sleep every night, spending time with our family / friends if possible. Today we are have challenges in our busy life, we can use online 24 hours services, that’s blog is online anyone can read anytime from anywhere – that’s meaning we are working more than we planned that. We can connecting with our friends from different country and different time zones, we can check our email 24 hours a day and we can use social website all day too, this is a never ending story. You have to know what are you doing? @ the moment, are you working or just take a break with your cup of coffee/tea. You can planning your life online and offline. Online maybe easier, but not sure that way always the quickest, because when I send email to my friend, when is she ready reply back to me. Offline need more organization – this is can be longest. Time together with family and/or friends help make, our life better. Doesn’t matter which way need sometimes just spend time together with friends and family, if you can meet your family and friends face to face that’s different than via online. Lots of gadget made our life much easier and more busy, everything good for you when you are use with moderation, Feel the Difference 🙂

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