You can do it!


Sometimes your feeling little bit different, than yourself? I know that feeling, you’re not alone. Your feeling not just about you, sometimes reflect or those around you, this is OK if that’s feeling doesn’t taking over on your life. Most the time we are on autopilot, we couldn’t think about just yourself. Any changes in your life, make a change in your life with your family, friends and everyone round you. Weight-Management can be easy and can be difficult, because everyone has a different opinion from yourself and own self. More difficult if your family has a body issue and taking on you! This is not very helpful. 4 years ago when I started use the Basic Wellness Programme my family, friends biggest problem about the price! Well this program for 30 days, 1 meal a day Formula 1 Meal Replacement for Weight-Management and Healthy Nutrition + Formula 2 Multivitamin Complex + Fibre and Herb + Thermojetics Instant Herbal Beverage and a price equal than any small coffee from any coffee shop in the High Street. Biggest question this products working, Yes if you are use correctly 🙂

3 reasons why the products won’t work!

1. Not taking the products consistently. I’m not saying that you can’t skip a shake once in a while, but weight maintenance is 1 shake a day, weight loss is 2 shakes a day.

2. Not taking the products correctly. Maybe we should go over how you take the products again?? I think the only way you can’t take them correctly is not to take them at all!

3. Cheating way too much, or lying about cheating! Our program is simple 2 shakes, 1-2 snacks (depending on your protein needs) and 1 regular meal just cut back a little! 

If you want try this product please click on the picture, from outside UK contact me here 🙂

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