What is it your language?

What is it your language?

What is it your language?

 How do you speak of yourself? Your language supportive or something difference? Self-talking is OK and can be helpful. Which way speak about your body, how labels different parts of your body? If you hate the body you have, the less likely you are to be able to change it.

Just respect and be kind your body, example: maybe I’m not love my body right now, maybe I don’t like it particularly, but I’m willing to look after it properly, treat it with comparison and live in it.

Diet isn’t working? You can change your lifestyle, yes, I know, it’s complicated and often leave out about us, sometimes our time run out. Lots of goals isn’t realistic and someone else is goals.

Diet working if you find your “perfect” diet, and you working on it, find your ideal weight with healthy shape. Your personal attitudes can be help on this journey. Treat yourself with kindness, focus on what you have done. Maybe help: food dairy, portion control, drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables.

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