Where are you?

This is a biggest challenge in your life accepting your reality.

Google Maps logo

Google Maps logo

When I open on my phone Google Maps always show me where I am, that’s scare me and help me. If you know where are you, this is a good start for everything. If you like it, perfect 🙂 If you don’t like it 😦 well … you have to do something with your situation, you have a choice! We all have sometimes difficult time in our life, everyone has a difference tolerance about own self and round in whole life. Changing  is not difficult, this is simply, if you don’t like it – you can change it or living with that, this is your responsibility with all consequences. And a bad news is = this is not easy, sometimes happening without any obstacles and pains, sometimes (or most the time) with lots of difficulties, anyway your results always deserve it every moments and we never know in advance how long it takes the reach the target. Just doing your best.

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