Plan B? – not for me!!! thank you

Everyone planning doesn’t matter which word we use for that. What is it your style? I help you find you how. If you are going to holiday, somebody planning that – I couldn’t doing that – no chance, because my partner doing everything how his like it, I try going with the flow and this is difficult time for as, because when I couldn’t feel it everything under my control I am frustrated and try put under my control or I just fighting the situation. When is my partner planning, 1st he is check how much we want spend for the holiday, after he decide when and where we are going to for holiday. This way step-by-step and he is organize everything for as.

This is a nightmare for me, because when I want to going to holiday 1st for me where are we going to, after when are we going and the last for me the price, because if I haven’t enough money for that I change everything, anyway usually I attract the money for our holiday on time and everyone happy 🙂

I hoping this is helped for you how find your way when planning anything, please looking back in your life what, when and how managed your holiday. This is basic we are looking experience from the past and you can use that for everything if you want to just need personalized for your next project.

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