Respect Yourself

Respect is a positive feeling of esteem a person. Respect is both given and received. We expect other people to respect us in return for the respect we show them. Respect cannot be measured as a quantity, cannot be bought or traded, it is one of those things that is earned and built over time, but that can be lost with one stupid or inconsiderate act. Respect should qualities means treating as equal.

Respect Yourself

Respect Yourself

How you feel about yourself?

Are you love yourself? take care yourself? you know yourself?

Respect meaning for me I am confidence about how I feel, how I care about myself. Yes, this is my opinion, because I live with myself and this is a never ending story – if I am not thing about myself nobody does.

I know my limit – what can I do, what I couldn’t and I always challenged myself. I never promising (myself or someone else) just do it. I eat healthily, I take care my body, I am fit, I control my life, I focus on what I have and this is make me happy and grateful for my life.

4 thoughts on “Respect Yourself

  1. It is crucial for one to love and respect themselves. Even when things are not perfect, you know to love yourself enough to get back on the road that will make you feel better.

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