Eating habits

 We are have to eat and drink water everyday. 4-5 times small portions a day including snacks. 6-8 glass of water each day to keep your body hydrated. Include of fresh vegetables and fruits each day. Portion control. After your evening meal later don’t eat any more. Don’t rush when you eat.

magic wandFind your best way for healthy eating habits, please answer the question below for yourself and fit in your life.

What is it your eating habit? When are you eat? What are you eat? How big your portion? Why are you eat?

2 thoughts on “Eating habits

  1. I eat slowly, much more slowly than most of the people around me. I’ve done it for so long, that if I try to eat fast, I feel sick. That’s probably a good thing. I drink tons of water everyday, probably more than the average person. Water keeps me hydrated, and I live in a very hot state, so I need it. My motto is to have a healthy relationship with food.

    • Keri, most important “find your style” that’s meaning doing what is it good for you and fit in your life, this is help enjoying your life and everyone round you accept and happy with you 🙂

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