Find the perfect lifestyle for you

If you don’t know yet what is it your perfect lifestyle – this is OK, just start looking forward for good lifestyle.

Good lifestyle meaning for me I feel great, feel the difference:) What is it your lifestyle meaning? Why are you doing your lifestyle? 



I am healthy, my experience health is everything, when I am healthy I am wealthy too, because just need looking after me and I have more time, energy for another things.



Good life meaning, everything – OK most of things under my control. I know my strong and weak side – sometimes my feel I have more weak than strong, after when I realized that I change my focus what I have. I am healthy, I am living in the nice house, I am earn money / I have income (this is in my strong and weak side) and I am not money expert, I am have lots of limited belief about money = this is my heritage. I have a happy relationship, my family support me. My another strong and weak attitude I am impatient, I couldn’t change this attitude, because when I am ready, I want anything under minute – sometimes does happen, sometime doesn’t happen that way. My strongest side I can see anything another side – this is not very good, but very fun. I can see where I started and where I want to go. You know your strong and weak side? How is control your life? 



Good lifestyle including for me Healthy active life with my control – portion/calorie control eating, drinking and exercise. What is it in your lifestyle?



When you ready just answering for my question for yourself, my wishes your answers make you happy?

5 thoughts on “Find the perfect lifestyle for you

  1. It is entirely up to you what you make of your life. Life is what you make it ! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes…Its your fit you are generally in better health.. if your house is order your house will feel better.. if you car is clean you will drive better… There is kinda a pattern here..the less cluttered your life is the better it becomes right?

  3. Finding your perfect lifestyle… I like that! Focusing on what we want, instead of what we don’t want, is a great way to begin… that and having a clear picture of what that perfect lifestyle is. I believe we create our world, and it begins with taking personal responsibility for our lifestyle! Thanks for an excellent article! 🙂

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