I slowly change anything

Gmail has made a big change to how you receive email and this is wasn’t good news for me, because I don’t like any change without my confidence, fortunately I find how use my gmail on my way, yes I know this is old-fashioned but this is me.



If you use Gmail, you’ll soon notice that your email is being filtered for you into different categories. Any email coming from mentors, coaches or organizations you follow will be added to your Promotions box. That means you won’t see all emails coming from me… This will happen unless you adjust your settings in Gmail! You may not have noticed the changes yet as Gmail is rolling this out over a few days, but you’ll definitely notice it very soon. The only way to make sure you receive my emails in your main Inbox is to take the following steps:

1. Click on your new Promotions tab at the top.

2. Choose an email from

3. Drag and Drop it to your Primary inbox tab.

4. A message will pop asking you if you want to do this for all future emails from

Click Yes and you’ll be ensured you won’t miss anything.

If you want to completely remove the new tab feature, follow these steps: Go to the Settings box in the upper right hand corner of your inbox and select “Settings.” Click on the “Inbox” tab and unselect all categories but “Primary”. Save your changes.

That’s it!

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