The perfect healthy meal in a glass!

Achieve and maintain a healthy weight with healthy nutrition. Millions of people use Formula 1 shakes for weight-management and healthy nutrition. It’s balanced and delicious, versatile and easy to prepare – the perfect healthy meal in a glass!

healthy meal in a glass

healthy meal in a glass

• Delicious healthy meal that provides an excellent balance of high quality protein from soy and milk, essential micro nutrients and added botanical and herbs
• The number 1 meal-replacement shake in the world.* F1 shakes have helped people all across the globe reach their weight-loss goals. Reach yours today!
• Clinical studies show that daily use of meal replacement shakes as part of a calorie restricted diet is proven effective for managing weight, along with moderate exercise.
• An F1 shake is a convenient healthy alternative to a high-calorie breakfast, lunch or dinner
• Rich in soy and dairy protein, Formula 1 shakes are a great option if you are looking to build lean muscle mass along with exercise

We all want to look our best and good health is the key to achieving this. Whether you want to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, Herbalife Weight-Management programmes are just what you need! Manage your weight – look great!
How a Herbalife Weight-Management programme can work for you: Personalised for your body’s needs, Contains soy protein which can combat hunger, Scientifically proven products, Provides a range of beneficial nutrients.
The Herbalife® Weight-Management product range is intended for use as part of a healthy diet in conjunction with regular physical activity. It is important to maintain adequate fluid intake.

Chocnana shake

Chocnana Shake

Chocnana Shake
1 serving = 2 dessert spoons of Chocolate Formula 1
1 banana 250ml skimmed milk
Whiz in blender until smooth
Only 270 calories

Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad Shake
Chop fresh fruit of choice into fruit salad
2 dessert spoons of Formula 1 – choose your favourite flavour
1 dessert spoon of fruit muesli
250 ml fruit or plain yoghurt
Fold Formula 1, yoghurt and muesli together. Add a little milk for smooth consistency
Spoon over the fresh fruit
Please visit for more recipes

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