What is it your favourite exercise?

It is in the London Olympics – perhaps you should reflect on what sport you practice? In today’s popular sport branches not included at the Olympic Games – luckily;)

What is it your favourite exercise:

– targeting at your remote control on the TV?

– weight-lifting your cup or glass?

When you take a closer look at the foods you routinely eat – and your everyday exercise patterns –

it’s amazing how a little fine tuning can add up to big rewards. See how much you could lose with a few tweaks here and there:

• Add 20 extra minutes to daily exercise – the extra 100 calories burned per day could mean 10lbs lighter at the end of a year.

• A healthy habit of eating salad about 7 times a week is counterproductive if the greens are drenched in dressing. Reducing the amount of salad dressing from 3 tablespoons to 1 will lead to savings of more than 1000 calories a week – and the loss of about 16lbs in a year.

• Sandwiches are eaten 5 times a week on average and always include a slice of cheese. Lose the cheese and replace with salad, and save 500 calories a week, saving another 7lbs in a year.

• About 3 times a week, instead of having a chocolate bar as an afternoon pick-me-up, have a small protein bar and a cup of tea instead. You could be cutting as much as 600 calories a week – enough to shed nearly 9lbs in a year.

• Dessert eaten 6 times a week is often calorie laden– usually cookies or ice cream, to the tune of about 200 calories. Swap for a piece of fruit, and cut enough calories to lose another 10lbs in a year.

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