Forgive other does not mean that you forget what happened, or that the person is not responsible for what he did. When you forgive the other does not need to know about him/her – this is the best part about forgiveness 🙂  Forgive simply means that the other person’s actions or words are unlikely to cause resentment & anger & pain = suffering. Forgive does not mean that you acknowledge, as the other person’s act or speak, but you accept a person like him.
If you do not forgive other the means to continue to hold onto the anger pain suffering, what other actions have caused you.
Forgive yourself does not mean that you have to forget what you did or said, which might have caused suffering for yourself. Forgive yourself does not mean that you are not responsible for what you did or said. Forgive yourself simply means you’ll find some other way it could have been if I had known how? Forgive yourself, admit it means you did not know how to do it differently and you realize something is your fault. Experience is what you need. Forgive yourself means that you are willing to finally admit to yourself the time you made the mistake, which is still confusion.
If you do not forgive yourself the means to continue to insist on the guilt and pain – when you made a mistake was completely different than it is today, someone who had not yet learned the lesson, therefore, made a mistake, accept yourself.

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