Essential browser keyboard shortcuts

  • Add page to Favorites CTRL + D
  • Organise Favorites CTRL + B
  • Select text in address bar ALT + D
  • Display address bar history F4
  • Move to next part of address CTRL + Right arrow
  • Move back in address CTRL + Left arrow
  • Cut seelction CTRL + X
  • Copy selection CTRL + C
  • Paste CTRL + V
  • Select all CTRL + A
  • Toggle full-screen/normal view F1
  • Move forward to next page item Tab
  • Move back to last page item Shift + Tab
  • Go to homepage ALT + Home
  • Go back one page Backspace
  • Go forward to next page ALT + Right arrow
  • Display right-click menu SHIFT + F10
  • Move to next frame F6
  • Scroll up one screen Page up
  • Scroll down one screen Page down
  • Go to beginning of page Home
  • Go to end of page End
  • Find on this page CTRL + F
  • Refresh the page F5

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