Money Magnet Meditation

Money Magnet Meditation
For 21 consecutive nights, do this meditation just before going to sleep. Do both parts each night and if you miss a night, it’s advisable to start over at Day 1.
Part One:
See ten faces, one after another. These can be people that you know or people that you do not know but see that each face is smiling. If a face does not smile, send it energy from yourself to make it smile. See it smile and bid it do so until you meet again. See ten faces each night. When you run out of faces that you know, let your imagination show you new faces.
(This part of the meditation brings more people into your life — people who like you or who want to get to know you or who want your services, etc.)
Part Two:
In your mind’s eye, see yourself walking in a pleasant, natural, outdoor setting. Now, notice that your entire body is surrounded by a fine golden dust. This golden dust is magnetized to attract money.
Watch as the wind blows money which is attracted to you and sticks to you because of the golden dust.
See yourself accepting this money knowing that it is yours; it belongs to no one else and that you need not do anything to deserve it since you are already fully deserving. (This section brings abundance in many forms into your life sometimes through unexpected avenues.)
If done consistently over the entire 21-day period, the meditation has proven to be very effective whether or not you believe in it. There is no point in doing it longer than twenty-one days. Actually, it is important to ’hang up the phone’ so to speak. Let your intuition tell you how frequently to do the 21-day series. There is no way to do it ’wrong’ and never a penalty of any kind. Stay alert for synchronicity — being in the right place at the right time; meeting or hearing from someone you’ve been out of touch with; finding a penny in the street; receiving money or having other forms of abundance come your way such as service or even a smile. Keeping a record of these ’coincidences’ validates the process and heightens the effectiveness.
Above all…have fun with it! The more abundance we create as individuals, the more we have to share.
If this meditation or any information contained in this site is of assistance to you, please feel free to pass it on.

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